How Disney Vacation Account Works

Estimate Your Budget

Your Disney vacation is within reach with Disney Vacation Account. You can set up an easy and flexible savings plan to fit your needs. We'll help you estimate the cost with helpful tools to get started. Before you know it, you'll be enjoying your Disney dream vacation.

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Create a Plan

Once you have your vacation estimate, you're ready to create your savings plan and start saving at your own pace, up to 5 years in advance of your vacation date. Make automatic contributions using your debit or credit card, and schedule contributions to take place every week, every month or every 2 weeks. You can make instant contributions at any time––and you can even contribute with a Disney Gift Card!

There are no fees to set up and maintain your account, and you can withdraw the money you've contributed and have it fully refunded at any time!

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Track Your Progress Online

Your Disney Vacation Account has all the tools you need to track your savings progress, check your balance and manage your account. Whether you want to save more or less, or take your vacation sooner or later, we'll help you update your goals at any time.

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Book Your Vacation

Use your Disney Vacation Account savings to book your vacation online or over the phone through Disney. Please note that Adventures by Disney vacations must be booked by phone.

Please note, a temporary hold of up to 7 business days may be placed on any new funds that you contribute to your Disney Vacation Account.

You'll be eligible for a $20 Disney Gift Card for every $1000 you spend on qualified vacation purchases with your Disney Vacation Account prior to December 31, 2017 (date subject to extension), up to a total $500 in Disney Gift Card(s) per household. Your Disney Vacation Account must be active for a minimum of 120 days at the time of spending in order to receive this bonus. Request your Disney Gift Card(s) 4-6 weeks in advance of your vacation date to allow time for delivery to your mailing address. See FAQs for complete details.

Enjoy your vacation knowing that you've saved in advance!

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